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A solid cyber security culture will increase the resilience and maturity of your SDLC.

Education & Culture


The attack surface in cybersecurity continues to expand with the sophistication of cybercrime actors and the evolution of the new business needs enforced by digital transformation. As a result, proper training and awareness are necessary to build cyber-resilient people and teams.

Challenges for Organisations

  • Poor education and culture in cyber security increase the risk for organisations to deal with cyber threats

  • Lack of cyber hygiene practices, training and awareness, are one of the leading causes of cyber security incidents inside organisations
  • Insider threats caused by mistakes or deliberate, malicious actions must also be acknowledged in managing threat detection and incident response 

  • Our experience shows us that most of the time, developers are unaware of cybersecurity threats and don’t have the knowledge to develop securely
Our Services

strength the human layer of cyber security and provide specific training to teams to be prepared to design secure applications and being compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Develop and prepare content focused on cyber security for different maturity profiles and audiences, allowing users to recognize security threats and incidents and respond according to their role
  • Develop Social Engineer (Phishing, Smishing, etc.) campaigns with specific Security Awareness content for all organisation
  • Create development hygiene practices to avoid mistakes and bad coding practices
  • Measure the effectiveness of your Information Security Awareness Program
  • Build your Information Security Awareness Program (ISAP) to train your DevSecOps teams
  • Apply Train, Reinforce, Assess and Manage (TRAM) principles in your program, developing the right strategy for your needs
  • Create a security champions team well oriented with continuous code security training
  • Build the set of lectures or computer-based training, printed materials like posters and handouts that share security tips
By implementing our services...

Increase the knowledge of Development Teams and improve your SDLC processes

Be more prepared, having an organisation made up of well-trained people to detect the threats and reduce the risks to which your organisation is exposed

Ensure compliance with the best security practices defined by ISO/IEC 27001 or NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF)