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Governance Risk & Compliance

A solid cyber security culture, transparent governance and risk management structures, and compliance with policies and standards will increase the resilience and maturity of your SDLC.

Education & Culture

A security awareness program should include new user orientation, lectures or computer-based training, and printed materials like posters and handouts that share security tips.

Proper training and awareness are necessary to build cyber-resilient people and teams.

Organizations should use Social Engineering exercises to help raise awareness of essential security topics. Evaluate and measure the effectiveness of the security & Awareness training program.

The attack surface in cybersecurity continues to expand as we enter a new phase of digital transformation.

Maturity & Gap Analysis

Be confident that your application software processes and follow all  the security requirements to ensure most secure software

Software Assurance’s primary objective is to ensure that processes and procedures for Software Development conform to requirements and standards. To help you in this task, we follow the OWASP Software Assurance Maturity Model (SAMM) to provide an effective and measurable way to analyze and improve your software security posture.

Working with an open model like SAMM, we will be technology and process agnostic and able to give you an overview of the maturity of your organization independently of its size.

- Identify the project or areas to analyse within your organization

- Identify all the relevant stakeholders

- Collect and analyse all the relevant documentation related with your Software Development Life Cycle

- Interview the software development teams and all the relevant stakeholders

- Evaluate all the results from the interviews and documentation according to SAMM methodology

- Gap analysis and score all the findings

- Create report and roadmap with the identified maturity score.

- Present the results to all relevant stakeholders

Governance & Compliance

Security Application & Governance is applying the set of Policies, Processes, Procedures, Controls, Standards, Guidelines and Accountability inside SDLC.


Security Application & Governance

    • To integrate security in the SDLC?
    • To understand the security controls that must be applied in the SDLC?
    • To measure and evaluate the effectiveness of software Security?
    • To measure the security impact of acquired software?
    • To define and apply secure coding guidelines and standards?

Risk Management

Understand the likelihood and impact of various sources of risk in software development or points where risks can be detected in the SDLC.

SDLC activities like Code Reviews, Change Management, Testing, and Vulnerability Management should all be designed to detect and correct risks. Supporting the organisation to make informed risk management decisions using cost-benefit analysis.


Risk Management

    • Security is a matter of risk management
    • Have a better understanding and controls of risks
    • Be prepared at any moment of the SDLC to protect your business
    • Identify Risks associated when consider using third-party software or services
    • Continuous supply chain assurance