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João Videira | Cybersecurity Architect

AI's integration in programming automates coding tasks but requires robust cybersecurity to safeguard privacy, mitigate biases, ensure data quality, and uphold ethical standards crucial for effective deployment.

Alexandre Rodrigues | Cybersecurity Architect

This article aims to explain the importance of security testing in the early stages of development and the various strategies involved. It begins by defining application security and then describes different strategies for testing application security, including the appropriate times for their implementation.

Bruno Pincho | Penetration Tester

This new entry has the objective of showcasing how mitre Caldera™ works, and how it can be useful for adversarial simulation and simulated red team operations.

Inês Gil | InfoSec & GRC Expert

This article emphasizes the critical role of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) practices in preventing data loss exfiltration, particularly in the face of evolving cyber threats like ransomware. It begins by highlighting the increasing sophistication of cybercriminals and the prevalence of data exfiltration, especially through ransomware attacks. The importance of GRC in addressing these threats is underscored, with a focus on aligning cybersecurity strategies with industry best practices and regulatory requirements.


The summary underscores the principles and key components of the Zero Trust approach in cybersecurity. Beginning with the axiom "Never trust, Always verify," it explores benefits such as a proactive stance and enhanced visibility and control. It details the implementation of Identity and Access Management, Micro-segmentation, Security Analytics, and Secure Application Development Practices.


During an authorised penetration testing assessment conducted on Xpand IT’s Write-Back software, Balwurk’s security team found multiple security vulnerabilities, first disclosed to the customer and then responsibly submitted to the MITRE CVE program.