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Automate your vulnerability program with a human layer.

Vulnerability Check


Application vulnerability check is an on-demand service designed to identify and classify application security vulnerabilities to reduce the possibility of cybercriminals gaining unauthorised access to sensitive systems and data.

Challenges for Organisations

  • Organisations are not always prepared to test their application code from a functional point of view and dynamically detect security vulnerabilities

  • Organisations must provide their development teams with a service to analyse and detect security vulnerabilities when an application is being executed
  • The adoption of offensive security tests by organisations is not common yet. However, having a specialised team (called Red Team) exploiting several techniques to gain access to your “crown jewels” is recommended way to identify the organisation’s risk exposure to cybercriminals and identify if you’re ready to detect and respond to a cyber attack
Our Services

are enabling our clients to implement a Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) service supported by a qualified and available human component.

DAST service can be applied to Web, Mobile Applications and to APIs to demonstrates the attack vectors and provides proof of exploit for every uncovered vulnerability.

In addition to an automated Vulnerability Check service, a Red Team exercise is a human complement that emulates Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) used by real threat actors.

We deliver a consistent methodology service aligned with business expectations and a near real-time reporting of a vulnerabilities found.

Red Team operators specialize in mimicking the TTPs of real-life threats by running a joint, scenario-driven exercise in close cooperation with the existing SOC/Blue team.

By implementing our services...

Fully automate your Web Application and API security testing with Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) tools.

Discover security issues in runtime mode that cannot be identified during the static analysis phase.

Have a Red Team service that allows you to test the effectiveness of your organisation’s internal security team and enables you to improve the risk analysis process by identifying exploitable vulnerabilities.