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Ensure clear governance structures are in place to communicate cyber security risks across multiple organizational levels and achieve the desired objectives.
Governance & Compliance


The Security Application & Governance process allows the development and enforcement of policies, processes, procedures, controls and accountability inside SDLC aligned with internal audit, legal and regulatory requirements.

Challenges for Organisations

  • Effective Governance is a necessary element for any organisation to measure the Risks exposure and potential vulnerabilities that their day-to-day operations may be exposed to
  • Some organisations fail to meet their security and business objectives because the processes fail due to the lack of compliance and monitoring to assure transparency and learn how to deal with uncertainty
Our Services

help to evaluate the standard and guidelines that achieve the organisation’s strategic objectives, particularly the requirement to safeguard the Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Resilience of systems and data.

  • Support the evaluation and adequacy of Policies, Processes, Procedures, Standards and Guidelines of your organisation’s SDLC



  • Identify and select the correct services (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS) by evaluating the organisation’s needs, technical abilities, and capabilities
  • Implement processes to adopt Security by Design in your SDLC by implementing a roadmap to integrate Security in your DevOps practice independently of your internal software development practices


  • Support the introduction of security inside your CI/CD and identify your BEST elements to make the bridge between DevSecOps & Dev Teams
  • Create the logging and auditing processes for your Source Code Management (SCM)
By implementing our services...

Apply good practices and comply with the industry standards in which your business operates

Adopt and comply with the appropriate policies, processes, procedures, controls, good practices and accountability mechanisms for your organisation’s Software Development Life Cycle SDLC

Ensure clear governance structures are in place and aligned with security and Privacy Requirements