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Understand the likelihood, impact and threats of various sources of risk inside SDLC.
Risk Management


Security assessment and mitigation of risks must be applied across all SDLC phases as every SDLC stage requires ongoing assessment and mitigation of risks.

The interconnected nature of modern information systems relies on systems’ confidentialityintegrity, and availability, so the evaluation of whole supply chain by applying appropriate controls to manage and mitigate that risk is a mandatory practice.

Challenges for Organisations

  • Organisations face a significant challenge in staying updated in an ever-changing cyber risk landscape with the knowledge domain of operational, compliance, privacy, legal, and other cyber risks

  • Most organisations don’t approach cyber risk holistically and integrate it with other internal processes (e.g., application security risks)
  • The lack of an effective Risk Management process and a map of the “crown jewels” processes, means that leadership cannot value the processes and achieve goals

  • Organisations fail to achieve their strategic objectives in the short, medium and long term due to the lack of robust risk management activities to address new digital risks
Our Services

support organisations to make informed risk management decisions using cost-benefit analysis.

A quantitative Risk analysis approach is the most appropriate method to support its Treatment decision.

By implementing our services...

Make informed decisions based on risk management tools and cost-benefit analysis

Make a quantitative risk analysis using threat modelling scenarios with the most relevant cyber threat events that can or may eventually occur in your software development projects

Enable the detection and mitigation of risks in processes like Code Reviews, Change Management and Vulnerability Management