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Protect your cloud-based applications and services with an integrated approach to mitigate cyber risks.

Cloud Security


Cloud security is a process designed to protect applications, services, data and infrastructure from cyber threats and attacks like malware or DDoS attacks.

The process of developing cloud-native applications or migrating on-premises applications to the cloud can be complex from a security standpoint, requiring the involvement of cloud service providers, DevSecOps teams, business owners, and technology to safeguard cloud resources.

Challenges for Organisations

  • Without a Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA), organisations lack visibility and control over what is happening in their networks, increasing their attack surface and compliance risks

  • Organisations fail to achieve their strategic objectives in the short, medium and long term due to the lack of robust risk management activities to address new digital risks
  • Applications deployed on multi-cloud service providers like Azure, AWS or GCP demand specialized Human Resources in each one of the technologies to maintain them

  • Different hosting technologies like VMs, Containers, Function-as-a-Service (FaaS), or Serverless Functions present different security challenges
Our Services

Give the visibility you need to manage your cloud resources inside your Software Development Life Cycle

  • Create cloud security policies for your Secure Software Development Life Cycle to define, among others, Legal and Compliance requirements, Authorized cloud vendors and services, Hosting architecture (e.g., Containers, FaaS), Authorized programming languages and Metrics to be collected and analysed

  • Develop a strategy and roadmap to adopt and apply Zero Trust principles in your cloud-based applications by defining Police-as-Code tests for CI/CD pipelines through commercial or open-source tools
  • Deploy Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) tools and services to automatically scan cloud instances to detect and catch common configuration mistakes and known threats and to enforce security and compliance policies
  • Deploy Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPPs) tools to characterize normal application behaviour and enforce zero-trust principles to secure, ensure compliance and protect cloud-native applications across development and production
  • Implement an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) process to configure infrastructure by code enforcing Zero Trust policies for privilege access control to prevent lateral movement and decrease attack surface
  • Deploy Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPPs) to provide runtime protection for containers and cloud instances. Different technology ensures runtime shielding like network segmentation, system integrity protection, application control/safelists, behavioural monitoring, host-based intrusion prevention, and optional anti-malware protection
By implementing our services...

Reduce cyber risk by having complete visibility of cyber security controls implemented on cloud resources

Automate security cloud tasks to ensure that your DevSecOps teams follow all the steps from the Secure Software Development Life Cycle

Enforce real-time compliance by integrating Policy-as-Code tests in CI/CD pipelines to validate security controls. These tests are only written one-time, turning them very cost-effective